Friday, January 27, 2012

Ventura, Ca. prohibits people from parking cars on their own lawn! (strong language)

Mike Shaner
January 27, 2012

Apparently the city of Ventura, Ca. prohibits people from parking cars on their own lawn! So, let me get this straight: a stranger wearing a badge is encouraged to trespass on private property and write you a ticket for parking your property on your property. What the hell is going on in this country? Who in his right mind considers this freedom? Is it my lawn or the cities? If it is my lawn who are they to tell me what to do with it? I am so sick of this type of bullshit and the citizens who allow it. It's time to make a stand! I recommend every property owner in the city protest in unison. Park your car in front of your house everyday for a month. When you get a ticket call and tell them to shove it up their fat Nazi ass, and then swear out a warrant on the ticket writing cop for trespassing. Change can come, but we must fight back! How far are we going to let them shove the proverbial nightstick up our anus hole before we scream enough! Ventura is a champion of agenda 21 and change will not come easy, but without action it will not come at all.

I love to write about Ron Paul and the Presidential election, but true change begins at home. If we are to become a nation of liberty we must do it one city at a time. If we were to take care of matters in our own town it would be of little consequence who sleeps at the white house. There are enough liberty minded folks in every city in America to make this happen. The problem is they are too busy laying on the couch playing video games or watching Jersey Shore. It's time to wake up every drunk in the trailer park, every whore in the city, every true man of the cloth in the church, every businessman tired of being over-taxed, and every mom who wants a future for her children and reclaim our neighborhoods from the thuggish politicians who have bullied us into acceptance. If they can tell you what to put on your property-it's their property. If it is their property-what happens if they no longer want you or your house on it?