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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Agenda 21 alert: Temecula, Ca. says it must "be Sustainable or be sued"

By Peter Surowski 

Temecula, Ca. is part of a world-wide socialist plot, according to some residents, and they want it stopped.

Temecula is a member of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, a group of 1,220 governments from 70 countries "dedicated to sustainable development," according to the association's website.

The organization promotes more than a healthy environment, critics said. It pushes a UN-led socialist agenda that robs citizens of their property rights and -- ultimately -- their freedom.

 The association and, indirectly, Temecula, uses Agenda 21 as a guideline for its sustainability goals. To read about the association's goals, click here. 

Some parts of the plan call for governments to control what property owners do with their land, and it already affecs Temecula residents, critics said.

"Look what they want to do in Wine Country, confiscate our properties and control what we do with (them)," said Temecula resident and Agenda 21 critic Cheryl Williams in an email.

The plan is a "socialist collective policy," and conflicts with the constitution, said Diana Serafin, who addressed the council Tuesday.

"In my mind, that makes the following cities -- Temecula, Murrieta and Lake Elsinore -- anti-American and anti-constitution," she said.


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