Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nominate Ron Paul or reelect Obama

Mike Shaner
January 21, 2012

If the GOP is serious about defeating Obama in the 2012 Presidential race they better swallow the establishment pride and nominate Ron Paul.  Those of us in the liberty movement have been told for years that we must hold our nose and vote for "the lesser of two evils." The ball is now in our court. Libertarians hold the key to the 2012 election.

We have eclipsed the magical 10% number that either party must have to win an election, and we will not compromise. We will not replace one big government statist wearing a blue uniform for another wearing a red uniform. If Ron Paul is not the nominee we will write him in or vote for a Libertarian party candidate. We will not vote for Mitt Romney. We will not vote for Newt. I would rather take a beating than vote for Santorum. He is evil Abe incarnate.

Without the Ron Paul supporters the GOP has absolutely no path to victory. The Republican establishment has been screaming for years "we must nominate the most electable candidate." Let's see if they put their money where there mouth is. This year it is Ron Paul or not at all. The choice is yours: Waste your vote on a big government establishment GOP clone of Obama or vote for liberty. Have the courage of your convictions and vote for the Constitution you claim to care about or continue to ignore it. Champion the limited government principle's in the GOP platform or continue on your corporatist path of destruction. Endorse socialized medicine, socialized education, endless war, the patriot act, assassination and indefinite detention of American citizens or allow peaceful liberty to restore our Republic. You can nominate Ron Paul or waste your vote on another candidate and re-elect President Obama.