Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Saving California: What made her great and why she is dying

California was once a symbol of the American dream. Brave men knew the risk of failure as they found fortune in this land of plenty. What made California great is what made America great-- the spirit of liberty in the capitalist tradition. Settlers put foot (or hoof) to dirt and left the safety of their Eastern homes to chase the wildness of the West. The Golden State was built on liberty, risk, and capitalism.
Entrepreneurs ventured west with dreams of striking it rich. Saloons, restaurants and hotels sprouted up like corn in the fertile fields the settlers had left behind. Businesses expanded as mining towns blossomed into the elegant cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles. A new industry called tourism was born. People traveled from all over just to see the beauty of wild California. People flocked to California in droves searching for jobs and for freedom. This led to more entrepreneurs and more businesses to serve the tourist and the miners.
When the film industry was born, California was the obvious place for it to take root. The magnetic lure of the serene wilderness combined with the elegant charm of high society made it plain that no other place could do. Of course this gave way to massive new industry and a whole other type of gold rush.
California was the queen. Many here still hold to the Wild West spirit and fight for her survival. Unfortunately, she is sick.  It is sad and ironic that such a majestic lady with a spirit as free as the wind is being killed by the nanny state. On a clear night you can see her stars burning bright with the memory of what was. Most days you see her dying like an old drifter staring at four walls, struggling to accept what is.
The bastards have raped her and tormented her. She still has a lot of good life to give but her keepers are relentless with their chains. For the first time since being granted state-hood, California has lost seats in the House and votes in the Electoral College. People are leaving at the same pace in which they used to come. In 2010, for the first time ever, California lost more citizens than she gained. Now people are seeking out other states who promise what she no longer can-- Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
 We know California can be golden if her children will only allow it. She screams for freedom and the legislatures in Sacramento respond with garbage taxes and fee initiatives, liberty stealing intrusions, and business squashing regulations. This New Year arrives in California joined by 725 new laws designed to trespass on the liberties of her citizens (http://lamesa.patch.com/articles/there-outta-be-a-law-californians-getting-725-new-ones-in-2011 .)
She is young and her affliction is easily cured but she is on life-support and they are trying to pull the plug. I often think of joining the masses and leaving her while I still have a chance.  I have decided for now that she is worth saving. I will not let those who would see her buried scare me away or run me off. For now, I will stay and fight. I will stand my ground and I will look them in the eye. If you believe in liberty and live in California I ask that you fight for her at my side. We can put aside petty differences for the time as we struggle to overcome oppression. Our first right is liberty. We are at a cross-road in this state and the nation as a whole. We can give in to the big government corporatist or we can stay and fight. We must nominate candidates who will stand at our shoulder and work for us. We must nominate these candidates and then elect them regardless of party affiliation.  We must remember that those who would tell us that the best candidate cannot win, are those who would see our Republic buried. I have heard that a third party vote is a wasted vote. To this I say voting for a candidate who will not represent me is a wasted vote. If we all vote for the proper candidate and encourage everyone we know to do the same, then all of a sudden the candidate who could not win becomes the candidate who was elected. I believe California is still worth saving. I believe America is worth fighting for.  Let’s look them in the eye and say, “Damn the parties. I’m here for liberty.” We can no longer stand by and watch. Complaining will no longer suffice. Running to a neighboring state will no longer work because the progressives follow with memories short on previous destructions and desires long on future ones. We can take back the Republic only by taking back the states that allow it to exist. The revolution is peaceful but it is a revolution nonetheless. I say move forward with liberty or stand aside.

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