Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A message from Rand Paul

Dear Reader,

"President Ron Paul."

Anyone can write that and wonder "what if," but are you ready to turn it into a reality?

Because now is the time.

Last Saturday, Ron Paul finished the Iowa Straw Poll with the fourth highest vote total in the Poll's history.  His second-place ranking came only 152 votes behind the winner, who gave out over a thousand more tickets and forced people to vote before getting to watch their campaign's big name, "free entertainment."

As the media focuses on whether or not a certain candidate from Texas can get support, this candidate from Texas DID bring people together in historic numbers – and in the Straw Poll winner's own home state.

He more than doubled the tally for the third place candidate, who spent over $1 million according to reports and had been dubbed a "frontrunner" by everyone except grassroots Americans.

This campaign is about more than spreading a message.  It's about more than furthering our revolution, which will happen no matter the result.

What we showed this weekend is that this campaign is about electing Ron Paul President of the United States and taking back our country.

My dad's birthday is coming up on August 20th, and I can't think of a better follow-up to his amazing finish in Ames than receiving a strong message from his supporters on that day that they are ready to WIN this race with him.

Can I count on you to let my dad know how much you appreciate his work and want to help him win the nomination (and the White House) by participating in the campaign's August 20th Money Bomb in honor of his birthday?

If so, please click here to pledge to contribute at www.RonPaul2012.com on August 20th.

Four years ago this month, Ron Paul was at 1% in the polls and took 5th place in the Iowa Straw Poll.

Now, as poll after poll demonstrates, he is a top-tier candidate to win not only the Republican nomination, but to take on and defeat President Obama next November.

Voters are fed up with status quo, big government politicians, and Ron Paul is surging because he speaks directly to their hopes for the future: getting government out of the way and off their backs so the American people can once more be free to make this nation prosperous, strong, and respected around the world.

The Iowa Straw Poll proved yet again that Ron Paul can turn passion and enthusiasm into on-the-ground success.

But to win this race, our campaign has to contend with a powerful establishment machine that is pulling out all the stops to guarantee voters only get their side of the story.

If they had their way, Americans would never hear about Ron Paul at all.

So the Ron Paul campaign is prepared to fight back, with a plan that includes running tv and radio ads, sending direct mail to registered voters, installing more top-notch, experienced staff in the key states and equipping them with every resource necessary to win, and sending my dad, me, and other campaign spokesmen all across the nation to meet with the voters one-on-one.

But to fund these efforts, it's more important than ever that Ron Paul has your support.

Please pledge to donate to the Ron Paul Birthday Money Bomb at www.RonPaul2012.com on August 20th.

We don't get – or want – the special interests' money.  They can hand over their fat cat-provided funds to candidates willing to become whatever the establishment wants them to be.

We are supported by the everyday Americans who have fallen victim to out-of-control government.

The troops who are being torn from their families to fulfill the United Nations' globalist dreams all across the world.

The business owners who spend countless hours worrying about being in compliance with thousands of pages of big government's useless bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo.

The parents who are forced to spend fewer of their hard-earned dollars providing for their kids so Washington can fund programs and schemes that go against every moral fiber in their beings.

Ron Paul stands for the values that made America great and can restore its prosperity – freedom, individual responsibility, and common sense.

And his message is resonating like never before.

I've seen first-hand how much your support means to my dad.

It encourages, motivates, and inspires him to keep speaking truth to power.

So I hope you will let him know that you're in this race to win by contributing to the Ron Paul Birthday Money Bomb on August 20th.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who represents a choice - not an echo - from the big government, big spending status quo in Washington, D.C.

He is the only candidate who can bring Americans from all backgrounds and parties – even those who had given up on making their voices known – together to make real changes and Restore America Now.

And with your help, we're going to make sure every voter hears his message.

Thank you for your hard work to make "President Ron Paul" a reality, and I look forward to standing alongside you over the coming year to put Ron Paul in the White House.

For Liberty,

Rand Paul

P.S.  Ron Paul's amazing finish in the Iowa Straw Poll proves that he is in this campaign to win it all.

His birthday is just around the corner, and the campaign is holding a Money Bomb so grassroots Americans can show how much they appreciate his work and want him in the White House.

Can I count on you to pledge to give whatever you are able at www.RonPaul2012.com on August 20th?

Every dollar will go toward expanding his top-tier campaign and winning this race.


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