Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ron Paul may be the only Republican who is electable

Mike Shaner
July 14, 2011

Ron Paul surged to third place in today's American Research poll with 14%. The more telling statistic is that he leads all candidates amongst independent voters.

Ron Paul leads Romney 24% to 23% among independent voters, with Sarah Palin at 15% and Bachmann at only 2%.

Paul leads Romney 22% to 20% among probable caucus goers, with Bachmann at 14% and Palin at 12%.

Critics of Dr. Paul love to scream that he is unelectable. If recent poll's are any indication he may be the only one who IS electable.

Establishment Republicans will vote for whoever the nominee may be but Ron Paul offers something no other GOP candidate can: He appeals to independents AND Democrats.

The GOP also risks losing a significant number of voters if Ron Paul is not the candidate. The liberty faction of the party will put principle over politics and vote third party. Without Dr. Paul in the driver's seat it is actually hard to fathom a GOP route to the White House.

It is not surprising considering his consistent civil liberty/anti-war stance that there is a valid movement to motivate voters to switch party affiliation to vote for Ron Paul in next year's primary.

If Republicans are serious about defeating Obama they would be wise to get behind Ron Paul.

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  1. Republicans will vote for anyone who is not Obama, but getting former Obama voters and independents to vote for a Republican will be a difficult task if the GOP puts up a neo-con. However, disaffected liberals and independents who are disappointed with Obama's handling of the wars, resigning of the "Patriot Act" and other failures can turn to Ron Paul as an advocate of peace and liberty. The GOP stands a much better chance at having the white house in 2012 with Ron Paul against Obama than pitting Obama against another neocon. Excellent article.

  2. Looking forward to vote Ron Paul in 2012!

  3. I'm voting for Ron Paul, and I approve this article! ;-)