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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ventura County Republican Linda Parks Doesn't believe in Private Property rights

Mike Shaner
July 16, 2011

U2 guitarist the edge bought some property in Malibu and wants to build on it. That should be the end of the story but it's not. According to the L.A. Times,  the musician first had to buy off the state planning agency that oversees open space in the Santa Monica Mountains:

In a deal with the rocker narrowly approved this week, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy agreed to take a neutral position on the high-profile project in exchange for a $750,000 payment, $250,000 worth of work by a consultant who works for the musician, 97 acres of conservation easements, and development restrictions around the homes that would eventually allow a short length of trail to be built through a sliver of the property.

It sickens me that such a buy off would be either necessary or possible but that's California, I guess. Even the buy-off wasn't enough for agenda 21 activist and REPUBLICAN Linda Parks, who voted against the proposed construction:

Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks, one of two conservancy board members who voted against the deal, said she didn't want to lose the chance to throw the agency's weight against a project that is "so overwhelmingly against the principles of good planning and development."

This isn't the first time Linda Parks has chosen "good planning and development," over the rights of individuals, check out this article.

The scary thing is that Parks keeps getting reelected, and word is, she's thinking of moving up. Linda Parks is a symbol of everything that is wrong with California, her success is our failure.

The most telling part the whole deal is that the Republican party has backed her all these years, that could be the reason that party is all but extinct in the once golden state. Isn't it time that true conservatives consider a different party, one that truly believes in limited government and celebrates private property rights.

I know such a party exists and it is reviving, perhaps just in time to revive our dying state, it's the party who's logo is the statue of liberty. Just give them a chance, you might like it.


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