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Friday, August 12, 2011

Ron Paul dominates Republican National Debate but no mention from the MSM

by Sean Serritella
Yankees Daily
Ron Paul dominated so much at the Iowa debate last night that he was even dominating in all the polls taken at each main stream media website afterwards. He dominated so much that Fox News took down their poll with a website named Topix because Ron Paul was pulling away. If you went to the topix website afterwards, you will see that Ron Paul finished with 11,028 votes and the second place finisher, Newt Gingrich finished with 4,789. (I posted the poll down below) That’s pure domination.
You won’t hear that from the Main Stream media however. The debates were all about Michelle Bachman and Mitt Romney according to them.
The debates from all the candidates besides Paul featured the same old tired rhetoric of staying in the wars, attacking Iraq and saving the Federal Reserve. I don’t know how any one can vote for these jesters and say they did so with a straight face.
Then, when Ron Paul would get on a roll and start saying how our wars are unjust, Fox would try to cut him off with the beeper.
After the Republican National Debate was over, every main stream media website and even the most popular blogs had or have no mention of Ron Paul anywhere. Look at the Drudge Report, Huffington Post, FoxNews, MSNBC, CBSnews, ABCnews and you won’t find any mention of Ron Paul and the debates. It’s all about Michelle Bachman getting into a sparring match with Rick Santorum or about Mitt Romney saying absolutely nothing. If you look at the polls of these websites however, Ron Paul is dominating in each of them.
CBSNews even did a winners and losers segment of the debate and didn’t mention Ron Paul as a winner or a loser. They just ignored him altogether.
Why are they so against Ron Paul you ask? Because big donors that give money to their respective parties own these websites and they are giving big money to Mitt Romney or Barack Obama and Ron Paul is a threat because he makes the most sense.
The War Lobby doesn’t want him to win because he wants to stop all the wars and if he does that, they’ll stop making money. The MIC, Military Industrial Complex makes money by giving our tax dollars to other countries so they can buy weapons off of us. Ron Paul wants to stop that.
Ron Paul has so much going against him but yet, when every one hears him talk, they like him more than every one else. There’s only so much common sense his critics can attack until they start to sound like the extremists they try to portray him to be. Originally Published here

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