Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ron Paul spars with other candidates over foreign policy

By Mary Stegmeir 

After getting scant air time early on Thursday, Ron Paul’s foreign policy views took center stage during the debate’s second half in a heated exchange about U.S. relations with Iran.

While Sen. Rick Santorum and U.S. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann said the Middle Eastern nation posed a clear threat to American security, Paul encouraged a policy of “respect” toward the country.

“Iran is a threat because they have some militants there, but believe me … Iran does not have an air force that can come here — they can’t even make enough gasoline for themselves,” Paul said.  “And here we are…we’re building up this case against them, just like we did with Iraq.”

Sanctions and other measures taken against countries that have not attacked the U.S. undermine free trade and put America at risk of becoming a target of future hostile actions, he said. Full Story

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