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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Below are links to articles that are relative to the many problems that afflict California.

group will be appointed to study how to implement the measure, which lets parents petition for sweeping reforms at low-performing schools. Critics see it as an attempt to derail the law. Read More here

MY TAKE: The True solution here is to privatize education. Until that happens tax-payers should have a say in reforming tax-funded schools. The Governor seems to disagree. 

Unable to sway city leaders, critics of pricey new parking meters in downtown Ventura are turning their attention to what they see as a more powerful force: voters. Read more here

My take: Ventura officials must be idiots. In the first place citizens already pay taxes to use public spaces. To charge them again is double taxation. People have been fleeing this state in record numbers for exactly these reasons. I see this as a symptom of  the larger problem which is voter apathy. The politicians have no regard for the will of the voter because California voters refuse to vote them out of office. I hope this is enough to make local voters wake up and fire these bums.

Gov. Jerry Brown pulled the plug Wednesday on the planned sale of two dozen state office buildings, calling the proposal negotiated by his predecessor a raw deal for taxpayers. Read More here

MY TAKE:  Once again Brown earns his nick-name. Moonbeam is an idiot. In the first place the state has no business owning these properties and in the second place the the state had made a deal and it should be honored.  I believe we should go ahead and start the recall process. California will not be able to survive four years of this non-sense.