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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

California's tyranny knows no bounds

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    A bill by assemblyman Anthony Portantino, D-Pasadena, that would make carrying an unloaded firearm illegal in the state of California passed in the assembly last month and now has won approval from the public safety committee in the senate. I suppose  it is the goal of the public safety committee to ensure that only criminals carry guns.

    "There are problematic issues of guns carried in public," Portantino said. "This loophole should be closed. You do not need a weapon to buy a cheeseburger or a cup of coffee."

    I am obviously outraged at the arrogance of this remark. It doesn't matter if a person needs a gun or not it is his right to carry one. A would be criminal will obviously think twice before he commits a crime where one is openly carrying a firearm.

    To no one's surprise the bill has the backing of the state police chiefs association. The founders ensured 2nd amendment rights to protect us from both the robber and the tyrant. Is there any wonder the tyrant is vigilant in his mission to disarm the citizen?

    "It puts our officers in high-risk situations unnecessarily," testified Emeryville Police Chief Ken James, representing the state association.

    Really? Allowing law abiding citizens to do something in which they have a natural right to do is an unnecessary burden to the people we employ for the sole purpose of protecting our rights? It is a sad state of affairs when we so eagerly let the government disarm us in the name of protection. Where is Ben Franklin when you need him?

    The measure was approved on a 4-2 vote along party lines, with only majority Democrats in support. It next goes to the Appropriations Committee. This is what happens when we elect the same morons over and over no matter how grossly they screw up the economy or trample individual rights. Call your local representative today and demand that they start looking for another job. Wake up California!

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