Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Too Little,Too Late

    President Obama's plan to withdraw 33,000 troops from Afghanistan by September, 2012 is "Too Little, Too Late," According to Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton. Ron Paul, who is known for his stance against interventionist acts of aggressive war, has long held the position that we should bring all troops home from Afghanistan immediately.

   Congressman Paul was largely ignored in 2003 when he said Osama Bin Laden was most likely in Pakistan. The establishment and mainstream media also ignored his warnings about the looming bust of the housing bubble. He has been downright ridiculed for his statements on the federal reserve and the dangers of inflation.

    He recently stated that the mainstream was coming around to his way of thinking and that the time was right for him to be elected president. I wonder if anyone is listening to him now...

Ron Paul responds to Obama in an interview: Bring all the troops home now!

The campaign of 2012 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul issued a statement remarking on President Obama’s speech announcing the scheduling of a drawdown of the surge troops sent in to Afghanistan after he took office. (Read Full Statement here)

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