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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A call to arms by Mike Shaner

Mike Shaner:


Click-Clack Click Clack
The sound of our boots
On the hot tarmac

Click Clack Click Clack
Continue marching onward
And never look back

Click-Clack Click Clack
If you don’t want to lead
Then fall to the back

Click Clack Click clack
We see our liberty
And we’re taking it back!

Click Clack Click-Clack
The Panic is raging
With Freedom entact

Click-clack click-clack
As The old guard is dying
With strength from the pack

Click-Clack Click Clack
The voices are howling
With cries of attack

Click-clack click clack
We see our liberty
And we’re taking it back

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