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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TIME Magazine attacks the Constitution..

In America, the main obstacle to complete domination by the bankster elite is the Constitution. Over the last few years, they have used their corporate media to attack constitutionalists and portray them as violent lunatics who threaten the security of the United States.
It is no secret that the establishment Republican party hates and fears Ron Paul. They have pulled out all stops to make sure he never gets anywhere near the Oval Office. Paul is continually attacked in the corporate media as a political throwback and isolationist who makes excuses for terrorists and drug addicts.
Now they have gone a whole step further and Time has released a magazine on the 4th of july with the picture of the contitution on the front being shredded and asking "Does the constitution still matter?" No I am sorry you are not having some awful nightmare this is very real. READ FULL STORY

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