Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ron Paul soars to 10-point lead over Obama among fastest growing voter segments

By , DC Conservative Examiner

The polls for a one-on-one match-up with Obama are climbing for the GOP candidates as the approval rating for the current occupant of our White House continues to dive into dangerous territory.

Perhaps the most revealing spread of polling numbers comes from the latest Rasmussen poll on Tuesday showing that among voters that do not identify themselves as Republican or Democrat, Ron Paul is now in a 10-point lead over Obama (43% to 33%).  This means that Paul is picking up a significant portion of the all important Independent, Decline-to-state and 3rd party vote.  These 3 categories represent the fastest growing segments of registered voters today.  This trend is largely being fueled by rapidly increasing voter' discontent of traditional, establishment candidates.  Only God knows what these numbers may grow to by November of 2012.

In the same poll among "all likely US voters", it is a statistical dead heat (39% Obama,38% Paul).

When you factor in the trend that Ron Paul seems to be the only Republican candidate since Ronald Reagan to be able to significantly grow in popularity among Democrats, perhaps it is time that the traditional Republican base finally starts taking this man seriously.  Ironically, Ronald Reagan had actually endorsed Ron Paul for Congress, decades ago.

Unless we see a new horse in this race that can compete in all these categories, it will come down to a case of:

(1) Simple math
(2) Letting the American people's true voice be heard by ridding our nation of programmable machines that count almost all of our votes (whether cast on paper ballots or not).  All the voter registration fraud in the world does not make a hill of beans difference if the end results can be easily manipulated.
(3) The Republican base actually chooses the candidate that has the best chance of sending Obama packing in the General Election.

Of course, the present occupant of our White House should not even be running for re-election but that is a different continuing saga.  Thus far, there is not one major party candidate that has the guts to stand up and do the right thing in this matter, not even Ron Paul, "The Champion of the Constitution".  Maybe someone should challenge him to do so. Originally Published here

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