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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Can Ron Paul win? He can and he should!

By Mike Peterson

GRAND FORKS — Hope is a dangerous thing, especially when the status quo is threatened and the call to dramatically change the way things work in this world becomes loud and clear.
I’d like to remind Herald readers of something that they and I already know but ignore to varying degrees: the corporate media lies to us every single day.
One day, the media may pull a half-truth; another day, it covers something that really has no significance in reality; yet another day, it just flat-out lies to you.
But for the first time in history, Americans seem to be catching on to this fact. They’re catching on to the possibility that we’re being deceived — hypnotized into believing whatever the media wants us to believe.
And I could not be more excited.
You see, there’s something the media lies about or ignore every single day: Presidental candidate Ron Paul from Texas.
The reason is what I mentioned above: Paul challenges the status quo and threatens to steer our country once and for all in the direction of real prosperity.
Contrary to what the media says, Paul CAN win the Republican nomination; he’s been winning all the contests up to this date. Herald readers just have to believe and join me in pushing for Paul’s nomination as hard as they can. Full Story


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