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Monday, August 15, 2011

Defending Ron Paul

Mike Shaner
July 15, 2011
It appears the anti-liberty crowd has found a new Champion in Gregory Hilton. I had never heard of the guy until a few days ago, when the anti-liberty crowd started suggesting that I add him as a Facebook friend, next people were quoting him, and even today someone mentioned him to me.

He is growing quite a following amongst those who hate liberty in particular and Ron Paul in general.

I went to his Facebook page and found out all I needed to know, under political views it says this: Just Republican, NOT a libertarian, isolationist or protectionist. I miss Bush and Cheney. 

I'm not really sure which is worse, that he loves Bush/Cheney, that he doesn't know the difference between isolationism and non intervention, or that the neocons are holding him up to us... Dick Cheney doesn't like Ron Paul either, why not just use him?

I was going to write a response to Mr. Hilton's criticism's but then I found that Tom Woods had already done it, and when Mr. Woods gets done speaking there is nothing left to say.  The article, Another Propagandist Smears Ron Paul, exposes Hilton's tired arguments as what they are: Statist hog-wash. Go read it now.


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