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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Should "respectable" citizens be treated differently by the police

By: Kim Fraser  

A 57-year-old suburbanite claims she is the victim of police brutality.  She certainly looks like she was brutalized.  She’s got a black eye, bruises on her face and arms, her glasses were broken and she has a chipped tooth.

What did this woman do to warrant such treatment?  Was she going after her husband with a frying pan?  Attempting to fire a gun into a crowd?  Holding a knife to the throat of a baby?
No.  She jaywalked.  She crossed the road on a red light.

Well actually, it wasn’t the jaywalking that gave her the bruises.  It was her reaction AFTER she was stopped by a police officer for jaywalking.

Here’s her story:

Last Saturday evening, just before 10 p.m., a 57-year-old Longueuil woman was approaching the Jacques Cartier Bridge to catch the fireworks show.

She says she was well-dressed for the evening, listening to Beatles music and headed toward the bridge at a good clip.  She noticed a police officer signalling her.

She says she thought he wanted to warn her to pay attention to the traffic lights, as she had just crossed the road on a red light.

She continued on her way, saying she couldn’t really hear him because of her headphones, when he caught up with her and asked her for some ID.  He wanted to issue her a ticket for jaywalking. FULL STORY

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