Friday, August 12, 2011

Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks' office cost the county over $5k per month

Linda Parks: learn her name as you will see it many times on this site in the future. She is actually one of the reason's I started The Oak Park Republic. 

This site was intended to be a local one, to keep local politicians in check. The national election and broad reach of my content allowed me to procrastinate on my local duties. I aim to rectify the situation. I will still focus on the same broad range of national topics I currently cover, but I will also provide a much heavier dose of local coverage. This is bad news for Supervisor Parks.

The motto of this site is 'Watching the watchmen,' No one needs watching more than Linda Parks. She is the Barbara Boxer of the Republican party. Her snide, self righteous personality is only over-shadowed by her unwavering commitment to corporatism and agenda 21.

Today is simply meant as an introduction to the queen RINO of Ventura county. In coming days, weeks, and months you will learn the gory details of her career.

Focusing on Parks is something I should have done long ago, but now it's more important than ever. My sources tell me she is running for State Legislature and will probably win. If this happens, every property stealing bill  California Democrats can dream up will pass with bi-partisan support.

The fact that her office rent currently cost the county over $5k per month (with utilities) is almost noble compared to her voting record.

The fact that tax-payers furnish her with a cell phone seems downright insignificant compared to her destructive policy making.

That she recently led and won a battle to restrict private property rights of county farmers is only indicative of what you will learn in coming articles.

I feel I have painted an accurate portrait of the powerful Ventura County supervisor in this post. It isn't very pretty is it? Feel free to give her a call and let her know things are about to change: (805) 497-0450

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