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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Los Angeles Cop Punches Special Needs Woman

Mike Shaner
January 11, 2012
 This one needs no spicing up. No fancy prose can depict the horror presented in the video below. This is as a disgusting a thing as I have ever seen. A  Los Angeles County sherrif's deputy punched a special needs lady in the face and then had the gall to try to intimidate the veteran who caught the incident on film. We should all take a lesson from and give thanks to Jermaine Green for continuing to valiantly serve his country. Green stood up to the intimidation and refused to turn over the camera. I wonder why the cop didn't want this video to surface? Watch for yourself and then call the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department and demand that these officers be jailed for assault. There have been so many instances of police abuse in Southern California this year that we should all be sick for paying their salaries. This type of gestapo-like behavior will continue as long as we allow it. Are you comfortable sitting idly by while the people who are supposed to protect and serve abuse the helpless? I'm not. Here is the number to call in a complaint:    (323) 526-5541