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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's next for school choice?

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At July's FreedomFest in Las Vegas,'s Nick Gillespie sat down with Bob Bowdon, director of the explosive school-choice film The Cartel.

Bowdon's new venture is, an investigative video website dedicated to education reform "the way ESPN is dedicated to sports or Bloomberg to finance," says Bowdon. The news service will launch in early September and will focus not just on stories of waste, fraud, and abuse but upbeat stories of innovation and success.

Bowdon argues that new media is the best way to tell the stories about the ways in which the old education establishment is being upended by forces of choice and competition.
Shot by Jim Epstein and Zach Weissmueller and edited by Anthony L. Fisher.
About 5 minutes long. FULL STORY AND VIDEO


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