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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ron Paul vs Rick Perry: Dr. Paul draws blood

Written by Thomas R. Eddlem 

As Texas Governor and GOP frontrunner Rick Perry took criticism from nearly all his rivals at a September 8 GOP presidential debate at the Reagan Library, Perry quipped: "I kinda feel like the Pinata here at the party." But only his fellow Texan, Congressman Ron Paul, got Perry to back down.

Perry took numerous vague barbs from just about all the other candidates in his first debate as a presidential candidate, but Ron Paul got specific. Asked if Perry was "less conservative than meets the eye," Paul responded: "Much more so. Just take the HPV. Forcing 12-year-old girls to take an inoculation to prevent a sexually transmitted disease, this is not good medicine, I do not believe. It's not good social policy."

Paul then proceeded to criticize sharply the method by which Perry created the mandatory vaccines of thousands of Texas pre-teens:

"But one of the worst parts about that is the way it was done. The governorship in the State of Texas traditionally, is supposed to be a weak governorship. I didn't even know they could pass laws by writing an executive order.  He did it with an executive order. Passed it. But the state was furious. And the legislature overwhelmingly repealed this. But I think it was the way it was passed — which was so bad, I think it's such a bad piece of legislation — but I don't like the idea of executive orders. I as President will not use executive orders to write laws." FULL STORY


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