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Monday, December 12, 2011

Senator Ted Lieu thinks he can force Lowes to spend money for Musim T.V. Show

Update: A representative did call me back from Mr. Lieu's office. I asked him what made Mr. Lieu think this was a legitimate function of the government. I never received a clear answer but I was told that Mr. Lieu is a reserve member of the armed forces and that he holds a law degree from Georgetown. I'm not sure how that was really relative to my question but that was the answer I got. I was told that the legislation would probably be nothing more than a declaration of disapproval. When I asked why Mr. Lieu felt he should waste taxpayer money pursuing such nonsense, I was told that he believes discrimination is wrong. I also believe it is wrong to discriminate. I also believe it is wrong for lawmakers to try to force a company to advertise where they don't want to. If Lowes feels they can get along without Muslim customers, it should be of no concern to the state of California. I do appreciate Mr Lieu and his staff for taking the time to call me back. It is obviously a fundamental philosophical difference: I believe that peace and prosperity can only be found through individualism and liberty. Most politicians believe that equality must be coerced by government. That somehow brute force and control will lead to tolerance and goodwill. That line of thinking doesn't make any sense to me. How about you?

Mike Shaner

According to this article on California Senator Ted Lieu(D) is considering taking legislative action and boycotting Lowes home improvement store for not advertising on a Muslim reality show.

"We want to raise awareness so that consumers will know during this holiday shopping season that Lowe's is engaging in religious discrimination," Lieu said.

This is how Lieu believes a broke California Government should spend it's time and money?

I called Mr. Lieu for a response but haven't heard back form him at this time. After doing a little research though it appears there is no area of an individuals life that Mr. Lieu believes should be safe from government intrusion. On his website is a link to legislation he has authored. What I found was a shocking assortment of statism, time/money wasting, and frivolous busy-bodying.

One of Mr. Lieu's 2011 "legislative accomplishments" requires that all pets to be microchipped with the owner’s contact information when they are reunited or adopted from a shelter. It's a fine idea...but not on the say so of the government.

How about SB 746: This law prohibiting children under the age of 18 from using ultra violet tanning beds. Again government deciding that they should be parent to our children. I know some people will scream about the risk and dangers of tanning beds--That's not the point. No one is disputing that tanning beds can be harmful, it's simply not the role of government to protect us from ourselves or to parent our children.

These are just a couple of examples of Lieu's addiction to government. It is this type of nonsense that has left California broke and over-regulated. The role of government is to protect private property and individual rights. A government cannot force us to be accepting of each other and they cannot protect us from ourselves. They have no legitimate right to try and when they do we get a broken down oppressive bureaucracy.

This morning I left a voice mail for the senator asking him to explain to me how this is a role of the government. He has yet to respond. Maybe you should call and ask him yourself.

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State Capitol, Room 4090
Sacramento, CA 95814
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