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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Burbank Woman offers "Sexual Favors" for Chicken McNuggets

Mike Shaner
January 17, 2012

Khadijah Baseer, a 31 year old homeless woman was arrested at a Burbank McDonalds for allegedly offering sexual favors in exchange for chicken Mcnuggets. If convicted she could face up to 6 months in the county jail and a $1000 fine. Burbank police Lieutenant John Dilibert told The LA Weekly that Baseer would probably not recieve the maximum punishment due to overcrowded jails and  limited resources.

Is it any wonder that the jails are overcrowded? I ask where the victim is in this alleged crime? A homeless woman was hungry and offered the only service she had available to her. She didn't steal the nuggets. She didn't rob someone's money to buy the food. She simply offered to work for it. No matter how distasteful one may find her actions no true crime was committed. Now she will be inundated with fines that will place a heavier burden on her already desperate financial situation. What do the Burbank police think about all of this? Apparently they find it hilarious! Dilbert joked with The LA Weekly that maybe Ms. Baseer only "wanted to see someone's quarter-pounder."

They are also surprised over the "insane" amount of attention this case has brought them. I say pour on the attention. Call them up and demand that they quit incarcerating people who haven't hurt anyone. It is easy to laugh away this whole incident because some anonymous woman tried to whore herself out for food-but ask yourself how hungry she must have been to resort to this. She wasn't after crack or whiskey-just a bite to eat. Also, ask yourself who is the victim here? If there is no victim there can be no crime. It's time we end the police state and demand they cease harassing people who have harmed no one. If we get to that point perhaps we'll have room in our jails to house actual criminals and the resources to prosecute them.