Monday, January 23, 2012

California could lose Haas Automation

Mike Shaner
January 23, 2011

Haas Automation had planned to expand their facilities in Oxnard Ca. but due to high taxes and over-regulation plans for the $20 million, 160,000-square-foot facility have been put on hold.

Haas' general manager Robert Murray said the company has been aggressively recruited by officials from Texas, North Carolina, and Nevada. The decision is a painful one for Haas officials who were born and raised in California. They want to remain here but the burdensome state government is making that difficult. It goes to illustrate the harm government can cause. This is the largest manufacturer of computer controlled machine tools in the entire country. They have been in California since their inception. California should be a magnet for this type of company. Everyone screams the country needs manufacturing jobs yet we make it hard for them to exist in California!

California has been bleeding jobs at an astounding pace throughout the economic downturn. Instead of evaluating their harmful policies and making the necessary corrections, they seem intent on turning our beautiful state into a replica of an over-regulated third world country. 

I am convinced that the only way this will change is when the people wake up and realize that all of the jobs have left, taking with them the money some believe they are so entitled to. Let people keep their money and run their business. Let the markets regulate the businesses and everyone wins. Empires crumble and tyrants fall, but liberty prospers. Let’s return California to the golden age of liberty.