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Friday, January 27, 2012

King Pinhead Bill O'Reilly wonders why conservatives don't like big government statist Newt Gingrich:

Mike Shaner
January 25, 2012

On last nights episode of The Factor, Bill O'Reilly labored painfully over the fact that conservatives are unimpressed with Newt Gingrich. O'Reilly was just baffled, at one point demanding that while the former speaker of the house is not a  "zombie," he is a conservative. As if Bill O'Reilly has any reason to pretend he is qualified to define conservatism. I answer some of O'Reilly's rant below. The pinhead's comments are in bold with my response below:

Some conservatives see Newt as an avenger:

Simply talking loud does not make one an avenger; what is he avenging? His hero Teddy Roosevelt and the new deal progressives he claims to love? If there is an avenger in this race it is Ron Paul. Newt is nothing more than a big government blowhard

O'Reily says Newt is not a Zombie but is a conservative:

By what definition? Gingrich cosponsored 418 bills with Nancy Pelosi, he supported global warming legislation, expanded the Federal government into education, supported an individual mandate that would require Americans to purchase a good or service, supported Rockefeller over Goldwater, completely denounced Ronald Reagan, and just recently toured the country with Race Monger Al Sharpton. I would like Mr. O'reilly to explain what exactly is conservative about this record? He is a Zombie! A blood-thirsty, war-mongering, chicken-hawk, statist zombie!

Ten years ago I would have laughed scornfully at anyone who said Newt wasn't a conservative:

Mr. O'Reilly is filled with scorn for anyone who is truly a conservative. If someone doesn't want to bomb every nation on earth (other than Israel) O'Reilly labels them as a dangerous lunatic. On more than one occasion he has mocked Ron Paul for his non-interventionist foreign policy. How does this make sense? Newt Gingrich wants to colonize the moon and make it the 51st state! What the hell is conservative about that? How is it the man who advocates peace, liberty, and the constitution is grouped with the tin-foil hat crowd, and the man who wants to colonize the moon is considered a serious conservative candidate for President? Mr. O'Reilly, you truly are a pinhead!