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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Olympia Snowe finally melts away

Mike Shaner

Olympia Snowe has finally decided to melt away and it’s making “moderates” hot. Moderate is a code word for big-spending war-monger. Chicken Hawks like Lindsay Graham are crawling from the weeds to express their displeasure at the supposedly gummed up political process that forced Snowe to end her luxurious political career. 

“It’s an institutional problem. It’s just our inability to move forward on the big issues of our time.” Graham told Politico.

What he really means is: “it’s hard for us to keep getting our way, to keep ramming more government down the throats of the people, so some of us are just gonna quit.”

Is it really a do nothing Congress though? Is the political situation really so gridlocked that nothing is able to pass? We should be so lucky, according to Congress summary, 80 new laws were passed from January 31, 2011 to January 31, 2012. That’s over one a week. 

Considering how many laws are already on the books and the blistering pace these ass-holes are writing new ones; what else is there to regulate? My god, if 1 ½ laws per week is going too slow imagine how they would be raping us if they had their druthers.

Also, consider the magnitude of these bills: the NDAA, which makes potential lifetime inmates of us all, an extension of the ludicrously named Patriot act, and how many times have they raised the debt ceiling over the past two years? No wonder they never get around to declaring all those wars!

The thing people like Graham and Snowe don’t understand, or maybe they do understand and that’s why they are so upset, is that we don’t want them passing more bullshit laws. If they have to do something; we’d like them to go to work on repealing all the trash they’ve dumped on us in the past.

You see; these old chicken-hawks and nanny state elitist still think they need to pass a bunch of laws in order to earn their keep. They don’t realize the tide has turned and we no longer want to be regulated subjects, but a free people.

Too many old guard politicians and even old guard voters still believe that bipartisan ship is a good thing. That we see them as wise benevolent angels of mercy and send them to Washington to save us from ourselves---and from Muslims. Instead, we view them as they are; a cancerous tumor on a corrupted system. All we want them to do at this point is leave us the hell alone.

Look at how bastardized the word “moderate” has become. In order to be a good moderate you must be willing to compromise your beliefs, the sovereignty of the people, and your oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. Most importantly, Republican or Democrat, you must always support war and never support civil liberty.

So one more Chicken-Hawk with an abysmal record has decided to retire from oppressing the people. That’s great. Let’s just hope the people of Maine use the opportunity wisely. It can’t be worse than Olympia Snowe but that doesn’t mean it will get better either. It depends who replaces her. If it’s someone like her Jr. Partner Susan Collins, the result will be infinitesimal.