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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How I would have answered that question

Since this so called debate is excluding a dissenting voice i will be doing something a little different tonight; instead of commenting on the lies of Obama and Romney I will try to answer the questions from a libertarian perspective.

Q. What are the major differences between you in regards to how you'll go about creating jobs

My Answer: I cannot create jobs, only businesses can do that. What I can do is fight to end corporatism by eliminating all subsidies and regulations in the hope of creating a true free market. I would also fight to abolish the federal reserve which devalues our currency by creating fiat money

FOLLOW UP:  Both candidates have went on and on in agreement that government has the right to steal from individuals. Taxation is theft. Theft is immoral. Both the President and The Governor are admitting to being thieves

Q. What should we do about the deficit?

My Answer: That's easy, bring all of our troops home. We can take care of entitlements too, but first let's bring all the troops home and abolish the IRS since there would no longer be adventurism to fund. If we brought our troops home the deficit is gone

Q. Do you see a major difference between you on Social Security?

My Answer: Of course. The government has no right to force people to save for retirement. They have extorted funds from workers, lied and mismanaged those funds, and it needs to stop. People on SSI should be allowed to keep it. people who have contributed for 15 years or more should have the option to continue paying or opt out and forefit what has already been stolen, everyone else should save for their own retirement

Q. Healthcare

My Answer: Remove government from the equation.

Q. Regulation

My Answer: See my first answer. I want a free market. Federal Government has neither the authority nor the ability to manage an economy.

There is no point in doing this anymore. Obama and Romney both agree that they should control every aspect of the economy. My answer from here on out will most likely be "this is not a proper function of government." If a more interesting question comes up I will update.