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Thursday, April 11, 2013

What If

What if our foreign adventurism is not a misguided attempt to "spread democracy and keep the world safe," but a malicious plot to leave the nation vulnerable....ripe for attack. Is it possible that having our troops stationed in over 500 military bases in 190 plus countries would make it difficult to defend our own borders...who would be here to defend them? Would a crazed regime from a provoked country not be able to spot the glaring lack of defense of the homeland?
What if the rapid devaluation of the dollar isn't simply ignorant devotion to Keynesian economics but instead a strategic maneuver designed with cruel intentions. One needn't be familiar with Hayek or Mises or Rothbard to understand that everything loses value with increased supply. So why would we continue to print paper money backed by nothing and flood the marketplace? Has the cost of gasoline, milk, bread, etc..increased or had the purchasing power (value) of the dollar decreased? What happened to the German mark after hyperinflation? The currency became so worthless that individuals were burning the paper money to heat their homes. If the value of the dollar becomes so low the average American cannot afford to eat or travel to work...what might happen? What happens when the collapse fallaciously occurs under the name of capitalism? Could communism and government dependency...the promise of free food, a job, a utopian government to provide and care for us all be an appealing option?
What if the gun control debate isn't a road paved with good intentions but a provocation to weed out dissenters and an opportunity to begin confiscating from the more amiable.
What happens if in 2014 we are in the midst of a revolution or an attack from a foreign country or both. What if by 2016 the nation is ravaged with the chaos of two wars on American soil, the panic of hyperinflation, and an epidemic of societal dependence on the government trough. Could Marshal law be declared and all federal elections be suspended indefinitely? Could the United Nations be petitioned for support. Would they be salivating at the chance to intervene? Could 2017 be the dawn of a one world government?