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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ABC news and Time Magazine attack founders and the Constitution on independence day

Yesterday it was TIME magazine attacking the founders and the Constitution. Today it is ABC:

Full article on the blaze

What better way to celebrate America’s independence than trying to trivialize its founders? If it sounds odd, just know that that’s what ABC News did during its Fourth of July weekend coverage.
In a “This Week” piece regarding the Constitution and referencing the founders, ABC’s John Donvan made this curious statement:
The reality is that the framers – posed in paintings as though frozen on an American Olympus – they were not gods, they were guys – guys who didn’t give women the vote and let slavery stand for the time being and who, by the way, were trying to create at the time a stronger central government, of course not too strong, leaving to us a Constitution that we could fix, as needed, – sorry, make that amend – which we’ve now done 27 times.

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