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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Houston to turn red light camera's back on. Don't mess with Texas? Why not?

Mike Shaner
July 6, 2011
Houston Mayor Annise Parker announced after this morning’s City Council meeting, that the city will ignore the will of town citizens, and turn red light camera's back on. This is another example of public servants not understanding their job description.

Houston voters approved a referendum to turn off the cameras in November, but a federal judge,who had absolutely no authority to even hear such a case, ruled last month that it had been improperly placed on the ballot.

As a result, the mayor used the ruling as a vehicle to ignore her employers, the citizens of Houston. The city had a choice to turn the cameras back on or cancel its contract with American Traffic Solutions, which could cost the city $16 million.

One solution would be to suspend use of the red light camera's until the proper elections can be held or to simply pay the $16 million and move on. To ignore a voter referendum, by the gavel of one black robe acting out of jurisdiction, should not be considered.

Parker said the city will seek permission for an appeal of the ruling by U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes in attempt to honor the will of the voters. Why? This is not a federal matter. The federal courts have no legitimate authority in this case, and therefore, any rulings by the federal court should be promptly ignored.

I realize that I am calling for drastic measures, but one would assume, after the federal government punked Texas Governor rick perry into abandoning TSA legislation, that the state would grow tired of federal bullying. I guess not. Go ahead, mess with Texas.

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