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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Liberty and Christianity.

Mike Shaner
July 21, 2011

Everyone knows that I am a libertarian but you may not know that I am also a Christian. I am often asked how I reconcile my religious faith with my political philosophy. I don’t. I see no need for reconciliation because I see no divide.

My christianity reinforces my belief in liberty.

Most people tend to understand the anti aggressive war stance even if they disagree with it. It’s my support of legalizing drugs and prostitution that tends to baffle them.

How can I support drugs and hookers if I am a christian? I don’t. 

I also don’t support adultery, crude language, rudeness, selfishness, etc...but I don’t think people should be caged for doing things I don’t support.
I believe it is the duty of a christian to try and be christ-like. To lead by example. I like every one else fall short of this goal.

I smoke cigarettes, lose my patience, raise my voice, and I have even been known to take a sip of whiskey.

All of these behaviors are lacking in virtue, but again, I don’t believe I should be caged for them. if I am imperfect how could I justify caging another individual for also being imperfect?

I believe in a god that created man with free will in hopes that his journey through life would lead to the path of righteousness.

By asking a government to outlaw this free will we are blindly putting our faith in government and suggesting that men have more insight into human behavior than the god we are commanded to trust.

These laws do not prevent immorality they only punish immoral behavior. By allowing men to pass judgement on peaceful behavior we are essentially promoting these men to the level of an earthly god.

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