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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Paul Watch: From Fed to food, Ron Paul’s presidential campaign woos farmers

By SarahTung

Congressman Ron Paul‘s Iowa campaign announced today that it will begin a national outreach campaign to w oo supporters from the agricultural industry, according to the Iowa Independent.

The Farmers for Ron Paul coalition includes key Iowa-based supporters from the agricultural sector.

“Ron Paul’s record spanning thirty years of Constitutional conservatism proves that he doesn’t say one thing then do another,” said Iowa Congressman Jason Schultz, a soybean and corn crop farmer who serves on the Farmers for Ron Paul national advisory board.

 “He’s the one candidate who will steer our country back toward the liberty and prosperity that comes with true, limited government.”

Paul’s presidential campaign could have a legion of supporters from this industry, as the congressman has previously battled the FDA on behalf of farmers and advocates for food choice freedom. In May, the Lake Jackson Republican introduced legislation that would remove “an unconstitutional restraint on farms” by allowing shipment and distribution of unpasteurized milk products for human consumption across state lines.

“Ron Paul’s policies provide farm families the best opportunity to succeed using the God-given resources with which they’ve been blessed,” said dairy farmer and food choice advocate Tom German. German is co-chairman of the Ron Paul campaign in the Hawkeye State’s 4th congressional district, and he will also serve on the national advisory board of Farmers for Ron Paul.

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