Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jerry Brown agrees with Rick Perry that it is right to force children to take drugs.

By Mike Shaner August 30, 2011
California Bill Ab 499 may become law this week pending a senate vote and a signature from Jerry Brown. The Bill would allow 12 year old girls to take Gardasil, a controversial HPV vaccine without parental consent.
You may have heard of Gardasil before, In 2007, Rick Perry, signed an executive order requiring all 6th grade girls in the state of Texas take the drug. The California version is slightly different in that it wouldn't require Children to take the vaccine, only allow them to do it without parental consent. In other words, California is telling children that the government, as opposed to the parent, is responsible for their moral, physical, and mental well being,
The vaccine is controversial on many levels, in the first place it cost too much, in the second place it is ineffective and possibly dangerous, but most importantly the state has no right to make such a decision regarding our children. 
According to an article published by the California Independent Voter Network, Gardasil only has a 5-10% effective rate:
Note that's just a five to ten percent immunization rate. Critics of the bill want to know why millions of dollars should be taken from California taxpayers and given to pharmaceutical giant, Merck, in exchange for a new, potentially harmful vaccine against a sexually transmitted disease to be administered to schoolchildren without parental consent.
This is corporatism at it’s finest, the government makes regulation at the expense of liberty and possibly even safety, in order to benefit one giant corporation. This should serve notice that corporatism is a bipartisan effort administered by the one big government party. 
Rick Perry is a big government Republican and Jerry Brown is a big government Democrat, yet they both agree that the state has the right to ignore parental will and force our children to take drugs.

 If we allow the government (any government) to take away our parental rights, if we allow them to force feed us medication out in the open without shame, what’s next?

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