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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Philadelphia cop being sued after 3rd false arrest

ANOTHER MONTH, another lawsuit filed against Officer Deona Carter.

This could get expensive for Philadelphia taxpayers.
Carter, 29, who sparked an Internal Affairs investigation this year by posting on MySpace a steamy photo of herself in her police hat, is being sued yet again - this time by her own cousin and former roommate in West Philadelphia.

The latest civil-rights suit, the third filed against Carter since October, alleges that Carter used her badge to intimidate Taleah Bryant, 28, and to file bogus terroristic-threat charges against her after Bryant refused to allow Carter's mother to take custody of her child.

The charges were dropped when Carter failed to appear in court, according to Bryant's attorney, Thomas Lynam. But the record of the arrest has hurt Bryant's employment prospects.
"It's the same thing, over and over again," Lynam said. "Here, you have a retaliatory arrest for not giving up a baby, for Chrissakes."

Carter is a defendant in two similar federal lawsuits alleging that she wrongly arrested bartender Geovanni Tanner in 2008 and UPS worker Darnell Jackson in 2010, claiming that they had assaulted her.

All charges against Tanner and Jackson were later dropped, but Jackson lost his UPS position and is trying to get his record cleared. Tanner also had trouble finding a job after he was charged with a felony Full Story

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