Monday, August 1, 2011

A Time To Compromise

Mike Shaner
August 1, 2011

I hate the idea of political compromise. Media pundits toss the word around as though it were something to be cherished. It is actually something to be despised.

The word "compromise," when used in political circles, simply means to sell out. The only time a bill should ever pass through Congress is if it meets the original intent of the Constitution and the spirit of liberty.

Having said that, I believe it is time for us to compromise. The treasonous debt agreement will reach the floor in a few hours and be subject to a vote. This is a time for compromise. This is the time when conservatives, progressives, and Libertarians put aside their differences and flood congress with phone calls and emails demanding they vote against this sham.

We all have different reasons for hating this bill but we all hate it! Let's work together and do our part to prevent this monstrosity from becoming reality.

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