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Monday, September 26, 2011

Coliseum officials charged taxpayers thousands for fill-ups

September 25, 2011, 7:06 p.m.

As finance director for the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Ronald Lederkramer didn't need to do much driving to keep an eye on the stadium's books.

But he has charged taxpayers about $7,600 for gasoline since 2008, even for fill-ups near Las Vegas and in Florida and New York. That was enough to drive about 12,000 miles annually in his Infiniti and his Jaguar, which he leased mostly at the public's expense.

And on Lederkramer's watch, four other stadium administrators racked up similar bills on the Coliseum's Exxon Mobil account, according to receipts obtained through the California Public Records Act. The managers' jobs required only occasional car trips, typically to nearby destinations such as Staples Center or City Hall, Coliseum officials have said.

In addition to the gas charges, the Coliseum's top employees spent thousands of dollars on Riviera Country Club golf tournaments, hotels, steakhouse lunches and Bel-Air Country Club breakfasts. Lederkramer, whose compensation last year was $195,000, and one other manager were also reimbursed for personal medical costs, the receipts and other expense records show. Some of the medical expenses were for massages and a snoring treatment.

The newly disclosed expenditures were among hundreds of invoices, expense reports and individual transactions reviewed by The Times. They show that few cost controls were imposed by the Coliseum's governing commission, a money-losing operation mired since February in a financial scandal. The nine commissioners are appointees of the state, the city of Los Angeles and the county Board of Supervisors. Full Story


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