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Monday, September 26, 2011

City of Glendale: It is better to kill people than trees

A handful of residents living along a busy stretch of Glendale Avenue say city officials are forcing them to take down mirrors they've attached to trees in the public right-of-way so they can better see oncoming traffic while exiting their driveways.

The residents, who live north of the Ventura Freeway, say that in the absence of any speed-reduction enhancements — such as humps — the convex mirrors are one of the few safety measures they have. City officials, though, say the mirrors aren't allowed on city-owned trees.

Joseph Vargas and two of his neighbors installed mirrors after several near collisions with cars heading south on Glendale Avenue. Two other residents had planned to install mirrors, Vargas said, but changed their minds after their neighbors' run-in with the city.

Vargas said he often backs into his driveway when he arrives home so he can pull out heading forward.

"Trying to back out into the street is almost impossible," Vargas said.

The riskiest times are during the late morning, early afternoon and weekends, he added. Full story


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