Sunday, July 28, 2013

Manning, Snowden, The State, and Revolution

If manning is convicted...and he will be...the consequences are dire. People like me (and you) can be prosecuted for simply telling the truth. 

The government is arguing that certain people/organizations have a monopoly on free speech. 

They are saying you will need a license or an approval from the state to exercise freedom of the press. 

They want to decide who is "the press"

"What 'truth' will you report," they might ask. If you report the wrong kind of truth you may find yourself in the shoes of this hero. 

We don't need laws telling is its ok to stand our's time to just do it. 

This is more than a full time job or a career. It's a life that must be lived. It's a battle we must fight so that your children or their children don't have to. 

It's time to resist all tyranny...even the simplest. For so long they have nudged their way in...they take a little and we give a little until now...they have society trained to believe government Is the true administrator of liberty...and they are if that is what we allow. Nullify the police state. Don't comply at traffic stops. Fight speeding tickets. Don't take deals. Serve on juries. Educate others. Quit funding our captivity...stop paying taxes. Drop out and tell them "NO!"

Yes, it's's bad scary...but allowing them to continue this should be far more horrific.

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