Saturday, July 30, 2011

California redistricting committee good for Dems'

From Politico:

A California redistricting panel moved one step closer Friday to dramatically transforming the state’s congressional landscape, approving a final draft map that is likely to result in widespread turnover.
The plan, designed by the bipartisan Citizens Redistricting Commission, demolishes a meticulously gerrymandered, incumbent-oriented map while jeopardizing the careers of long-serving lawmakers who are Capitol Hill staples.

The map is not yet complete. The commission has two weeks to hear public comments before conducting a final vote. If at least six of the members reject the plan, the line-drawing will be handed off to the California Supreme Court.

The latest version of the map has been altered from the June draft, reconfiguring several of the Southern California districts to address concerns from the Latino community, whose leaders argued that the initial plan did not sufficiently reflect the state’s explosion in Hispanic population. Read more: 

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