Saturday, July 30, 2011

Debt Ceiling: Do Not Raise It.

Mike Shaner
July 30, 2011

Watching congress scrounge for a way to raise the debt ceiling is like watching a crack head dig through a filthy gutter, looking for enough change to score “one more time.” It would be hard to fathom such a grotesque misplacement of priorities were it not happening before our very eyes.
The goal of the crack-head should be to stop using drugs and the goal of congress should be to stop the borrowing and spending. Unfortunately, everyone except Ron Paul seems to be oblivious to this.
The debt ceiling should not be raised under any circumstance. The only way to reduce government spending is to stop giving them money. The only way for a drug addict to get clean is to stop using drugs.
I understand that not allowing the federal government to borrow more money will cause some temporary discomfort. All addicts suffer from withdrawals. 
People addicted to drugs will lie, cheat, and steal to get high. They will manipulate everyone around them and make empty promises. When the promises are no longer believed they will resort to scare tactics and threats. 
The government does the exact same thing. They promise to spend more wisely in the future if we just give them one more fix. 
Republicans manipulate us by saying they want a “balanced budget” amendment. The balanced budget amendment is a scam that does nothing to curtail spending. Just for a point of reference, California has a balanced budget amendment. No one will accuse the golden state of being frugal.

Texas also has a balanced budget amendment. Rick Perry and the Texas legislature resort to accounting gimmicks like delaying a $2.3 billion payment to schools by one day to technically push it into the next fiscal year and keep it off the books. The budget may appear balanced but nothing is further from the truth. 
Giving Washington a balanced budget amendment will do little more than give them a built in excuse to raise taxes. After all, It just says the budget must be balanced. It doesn’t say how. Sooner or later they run out of tricks and the only option available will be (taxation) theft. Just like a drug addict.
Democrats scare the elderly by threatening to withhold social security and medicare payments. I guess they are no longer claiming that SSI funds are safely put away in a lock box.
They use the weak and less fortunate to prey on the emotions of caring individuals the way a manipulative drug addict drains the hearts and pocketbooks of anyone who has ever cared for him.

It is time for an intervention. We can no longer be helpless enablers. We should have stood a long time ago. We must stand now.
The debt ceiling has been raised 102 times since 1917. Wouldn’t we be in much better shape today if congress had just shown some spine and never allowed it to happen the first time?
Yes, it is painful to just stop and do the right thing, but what happens to a drug addict who never get’s clean? It seems the alternative is far more painful.

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